Several Popular Online Blackjack Games

The classic game of Blackjack has been tremendously enjoyed all over the world and Indian Casino games are no untouched with the zest and enthusiasm of the game. This game is not a response to mere luck but it required a substantial amount of patience and bravery to strategize the whole game and win the big prize. Today online casinos are offering immense possibilities to play your favorite game at your convenient place with so many variants and levels. There exist great advantages of playing blackjack online and the available variations add on the perk of the game.


  1. European Blackjack: It is one of the most exciting versions of the classic blackjack, where animations, music and graphics make gaming experience extremely stunning. In this version, a player is supposed to score 21 or any other close number that you can manage without going bust. The game begins with the bet and then the dealer will deal with cards. Yours two cards will face down and the one of the dealer’s card will face up. Now the player has the choice to either show the card or request another. The winning strategy is to score 21 or number more than the dealer.
  2. Vegas Strip: This game is just a little alteration from the classic game in terms of decks, certain rules, and player actions. It uses four decks and follows the simple blackjack rules to beat the dealer without exceeding the number 21. Players who understand the basic blackjack rules can play and win great in it.
  3. Big 5 Blackjack: It is another variation of classic blackjack with the use of 5 decks. The payout odds here are at 3-2 and also the dealer can only hit on hands totaling 16 or below whereas 17 is considered to be soft. It very much resembles the classic game and gamers can play it effortlessly.


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